Tuesday, October 31, 2006

So this is my Cashsoft DK project. It is a little hooded baby sweater and this yarn is soooo soft. I love it. I am now done with the fronts, but it has taken this long to get blogger to cooperate with posting pictures.

This is my JOJO Silkroad Ultra. I almost have the back done, This is definitely a Juicy yarn!

And here it is ladies and Gentlemen, the Cocoon shrug. Yes, it is finished. I am so glad and excited that it is done. I do have to steam it, and weave in a few ends, but it is done!!! My outer rows on this thing had somewhere over 600 stitches. Whew!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

My New guilty pleasures!

Now, I have many projects going, and do I need to start more? NO, but am I? YES!!!
This first one is out of Jamieson Shetland DK. These are my colors, and............

This is my new project out of these colors. This is A Kimono and it will be awesome when it is done, but first I have to do my gauge swatch I guess.

Now, October is Malabrigo Knit A Long month at Lambikins, and this is my project.

This is my gauge swatch and I love the color. I have got it cast on now, so I can't not knit on it.

This is my ongoing Brioche Stitch sweater out of Naturwolle. I love this yarn.

Other projects that are going and soon to be done are my Cocoon Shrug, some socks, and a couple other sweaters.

So much to knit, and so little time.