Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bring on the Food!!!
Today is a first for little Z. Cereal. Yum. She is awaiting the bowl.
What is this gooey stuff that they have placed in my mouth?
Oh, I do not think I like this, Sam I Am.

Well, Ok, it is not that bad then.
So this is how our first food experience went tonight. By the end, she didn't think it was too awful.

On the knitting front, I am excited to say that I have joined to kal's starting in January.
They are secretofthestole ii, and springshawlsurprise. I am looking forward to these.

I am working on Miss Z's Fair Isle Flower Baby Dale outfit right now and the hat is done and the sweater is more than 1/2 done.

Today we had our 4 month pictures taken, and Miss Z now fits into some of her knitted sweaters.
She was not too happy with the photographer today, and kept giving him "the Look". I did manage to get her to smile at least once.


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